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Square Feet Real Estate

Malaysia’s only property reserve powered by real industry-savvy negotiators.

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Thousands of property stakeholders are loyal to us. Why?


Outstanding market intelligence

It’s not good enough that your negotiator has an array of properties or clients at your disposal. What you want vs. what is offered comprises a world of acute perception, which is why, our team of negotiators are constantly on-the-ball about the specifics of property buying and selling – making every sale or purchase decision, second to none.



Almost one in every three people endure bad experiences from errant and unprofessional realtors. Contrary to that, when you consult our negotiators, you’re consulting with friends; and like friends, we’ll be there throughout your journey of investing. We’re remarkable listeners, genuine with your expectations, yet dependable and trustworthy when it comes to inking the deal. It’s our winning formula.


Arched for results

We are full-time, highly trained and dynamically inspired for one core objective – to maximise real estate asset value. Our negotiators are put to work for you, and our goal is to uphold this ideal from the point of setting the right price, negotiating an agreement to SOLD.


With great work, comes great money.

The life and times of a Real Estate Negotiator is not a pretty picture as most agencies would paint. We’re naked about the truth of the job and its potentially zero-adding pay checks. If you’re serious about a career in the business of property, we’ll be dead serious about the unlived life you’ve always been talking about.